Clinical Research

Clinical science involves research that directly involves our patients - like trying new drugs or devices to help the heart work better.

Interventional Cardiology Research
Interventional Cardiology Research is involved with many different research projects including ways to look at the heart’s blood vessels, new drugs and new equipment and devices to help treat heart diseases. If you are suitable for a study, and agree to be asked about research, a study coordinator will contact you.

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Interventional Cardiology Research
505 1033 Davie St Vancouver BC    
V6E 1M7
Phone: 604-806-8804

BC Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health (ICVHealth)
The BC Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health (ICVHealth) is committed to improving health outcomes for British Columbians at risk for, or living with, cardiovascular disease by generating and applying new evidence to improve the delivery of cardiovascular care in the province. ICVHealth has undertaken multiple projects that demonstrate potential for broad impact by improving patient outcomes and enhancing resource utilization. The FREEDOM Real World study aims to determine whether physicians in BC are applying the newest evidence that has demonstrated improved outcomes with open-heart surgery over angioplasty in patients with diabetes and/or extensive coronary disease. Another project, the FFR Select Trial, will determine whether fractional flow reserve (FFR), a new method for determining the severity of coronary obstructions, should be used systematically to evaluate all coronary obstructions before deploying a coronary stent or selectively, as determined by the attending physician.

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Centre for Heart Valve Innovation

The Vancouver-based Centre for Heart Valve Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital is a hub of heart valve technology, innovation and research. For the past decade, we have pioneered new treatment options for the management of heart valve disease like transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). We offer treatment options for various valve diseases, and continue to achieve some of the best outcomes in the world.

St. Paul’s Hospital is internationally recognized as a go-to Centre for excellence, innovation, training, and scientific collaboration. Under the leadership of Dr. John Webb, our heart team includes a multidisciplinary group of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, imaging specialists, geriatricians, nurses and other clinicians who share a common goal of improving the treatment of heart valve disease in BC and around the world.

The Centre for Heart Valve Innovation is currently leading international clinical trials to study the “minimalist Vancouver clinical pathway” for TAVI, as well as new treatment options for people with mitral valve disease.

Contact Information

Transcatheter Heart Valve Program
5258-1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver BC
V6Z 1Y6

Phone: 604-682-2344 ext. 62658

UBC/Vancouver Inherited Heart Rhythms (IHRs)  

The UBC/Vancouver Inherited Heart Rhythms (IHRs) research team includes clinic staff and patient/family advisory representatives. The IHR research team gathers information for research about rare conditions is paramount to improving outcomes. The research database allows a generalized screening for research projects. This database provides researchers and clinicians the opportunity to investigate risks for IHRs, improve current treatments and assess factors that influence cardiac events. The availability of a blood and DNA specimen bank provides researchers valuable opportunities to investigate novel genetic, biologic, and environmental factors that influence these conditions, the responses to therapy, and the outcomes.

Contact Information

Karen Gibbs
Project Manager

Centre for Health Innovation and Outcome Sciences (CHEOS)
CHEOS in an important partner in many research studies being undertaken in the Heart Centre