Frequently Asked Questions

At the Heart Centre, a number of questions come up again and again. So we've tried to answer them here. If you have suggestions for this FAQ, let us know.

I don’t have anyone to drive me home, what can I do?
Ask one of the nurses or doctors in your unit if you can speak with a social worker. They will be able to help you organize transport home.

I have a Living Will, should I bring this with me?
Anything that will help the team plan your care according to your wishes is important. Bring it with you and make sure that a copy of it goes on your chart.

I would like to talk to someone about the care I received while I was in hospital. Who can I contact?
We welcome your feedback as it helps us improve our services.

I would like to donate to the Heart Centre. Who could I contact?
St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation is a registered charity that raises funds for medical equipment, research and enhanced patient care at St. Paul’s Hospital. Please specify exactly how you would like your donation to be directed (e.g. Heart Transplant Program) and for what purpose (e.g. to improve patient care).